Coffee Body Scrubs – the verdict

I’ve tested nearly every body scrub out there (within financial reason, I’m a student after all) and they’ve all left something to be desired. Some have been too coarse and damage my sensitive skin whilst others have done little to rid me of dead skin.

Now, something to rid me of dead skin and help heal problem areas – namely cellulite – that’s my ideal scrub. After some quick research and by quick I mean…googles ‘body scrub cellulite’, I come across article after article raving about coffee bean body scrubs and their cellulite ridding wonders.

After some narrowing down, I decide to order and have a go at Scrub Love’s Original Lovin’ Body Scrub, reasonably priced at £11.95. As per their recommendations, I got butt neeeekked and took a small handful, gently rubbing it in circular motions. Being someone that can bloat and suffer from considerable water retention, the pink himalayan rock salt within the scrub helped reduce my bloating and lift my dead skin.

After covering virtually my whole body and leaving it on for 15 minutes, a guesstimation on my part, I washed off the product and was left with noticeably smoother skin.

coffee photo

I continued using it for the rest of the week, about three more times, and my skin became softer, smoother and my bacne lessened as well as the sensitivity of my childhood chicken pox scars – result! Something I’m putting down to the properties of the orange oil and vitamin c.

Safe to say I will be repurchasing but maybe when my bank account isn’t displaying               -£700…

For further details on Scrub love and their range of products, visit


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