Lackluster hair


Due to the stress of final year and approaching deadlines, I haven’t been taking due care of my hair and it’s been looking rather dull. Just a brown shade of bleugh falling onto my shoulders.

I’ve used some wonderful hair care products in the pasmd0327_3t that put oomph back into my hair and gave it a lovely shine but frankly, I don’t have £50 to spare. Secondly, unbeknownst to me, they contained various artificial chemicals. Having sensitive skin and scalp prone to outbreaks of dandruff, I wanted to find a product that soothed my skin, brought some life back into my hair, was eco-friendly and kind on the wallet. Quite the tall order considering my fairly limited budget (take pity on the pauper student).

I realised that wanting to use something that was eco-friendly would require me to part with slightly more cash than I may have liked but as long as the product was sulphate free, vegetarian and rid of parabens – I was more than happy.

This is when browsing lookfantastic and after some extensive searching, I decided to get out the debit card and buy MÁDARA Gloss and Vibrancy Shampoo and Conditioner, both respectively a mid-range price of £13.50. After waiting only a few days for arrival, my hair had already become greasy and was ready for a wash… that or to be used to fry chips in.

First thing that hit me as I put a small amount of shampoo into the palm of my hand was the aroma – a subtle cranberry smell. I’m usually not a fan of cranberry but I was pleasantly surprised. As I wetted my hair and applied the product to my hair, it lathered generously for the small amount I used and I left it to do it’s thang for around 4/5 minutes. When washed out, my hair felt somewhat smoother.

Next came the conditioner which had the same aroma, again a pleasant smell. I applied slightly more to my hand this time in hope of repairing my damaged ends. Though, of course, I did not expect immediate results. Again, my hair felt smoother and after I left it to air dry (which, I might add, takes my thick hair 4 hours) my hair did appear to look healthier.

I continued to use the shampoo and conditioner for the next three weeks, every other day, up until now and I can safely say that a shine has returned to my hair – hallelujah. My hair feels smoother, it appears glossier and it generally just looks healthier.

Bonus: my grandfather said it looked like a glossy Labrador’s coat, who knew being compared to a dog could be complimentary.


If you’d like to be considered a hipster ‘eco-warrior’ and do your bit for the environment whilst maintaining the glossiness of an adorable dog, visit mypure or lookfantastic for MANDARA products.


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